Who am I and and how to contact me

I am Tim Fai, a  60 year old male,  and  live in Hong Kong.  I was born in Hong Kong and raised there, as well as in Japan and the US.  The content of this site are from items that I have been collecting for many years, i.e. the logic problems, puzzles and riddles, jokes, quotations, trivia questions, and articles both written by others or by myself.  Hobbies I enjoy include tennis, ballroom dance, playing the piano, music, reading, and of course, computers.  I also have come to enjoy, and love, cruising on the high seas.

I welcome any comments you might have on this site or its contents.  If you wish to send me an article, quotation, photo, or any other item pertaining to the site's general subject matter, please feel free to do so.  I don't guarantee inclusion, but do assure you that I will consider any submission carefully.

Please email me at <tangoll@tangoll.com.hk>.

There are also some midi song files.  You can listen to these songs by clicking on the song title fields on the Main Page.  Some of the pages on this site have a song imbedded in the page.  One such page is the Larger Image link of the photo of the baseball scene, in the Archive page of 12/2000.

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