A new group will be added in each forthcoming week.  Click on the [ Movie Title ] to see an image of the movie's title page (those for which I have a copy).  Those titles not highlighted in brackets are just the names of the movie.  If any viewer has a movie title to add to this list of those in the group already posted, please send an email to <tangoll@tangoll.com.hk>. Thank you.  If you do not see your movie title yet, please wait for a few weeks more -- it may show up then when that group's list is posted onto this site.  The Bold Letters represent the categories for grouping the movies.

Epics:  [ Khartoum ]       [ Waterloo ]      Gladiator      El Cid
 Lawrence of Arabia      Spartacus     Braveheart     The Patriot
 War and Peace      Taras Bulba      Genghis Khan

Military Life:   [ Gardens of Stone ]       [ Renaissance Man ]       Top Gun
  [ A Few Good Men ]       Patton      MacArthur
 An Officer and a Gentleman      [ Born on the 4th of July ]

Westerns: The Horse Soldiers      [ The Wild Bunch ]       The Alamo
  [ Glory ]       Buffalo Soldiers      Gettysburg   [ Andersonville ]
 The Blue and Grey      Northwest Passage     [ Last of the Mohicans ]
 They Died with Their Boots On      She Wore a Yellow Ribbon  Wicked Spring
 Revolution     Drums along the Mohawk  Geronimo: An American Legend
 [ Gods and Generals ]

British Empire:  [ Zulu ]       Zulu Dawn   [ The Four Feathers ]
 The Charge of the Light Brigade  Zulu Wars: Trilogy  Shaka Zulu

Australian:  [ Breaker Morant ]      [ Gallipoli ]      The Lighthorsemen
 [ The Odd Angry Shot ]

Mercenary:  [ Dogs of War ]       Wild Geese (+II)      Day of the Jackal

Foreign Legion: Legionnaire      March or Die      Beau Geste

French: Battle of Algiers      Battle of Dien Bien Phu       [ Lost Command ]

World War I Lost Battalion      [ Sergeant York ]       Paths of Glory
 Aces High      Blue Max      Lafayette Escadrille
 All Quiet on the Western Front (2)     Hell's Angels
 The Fighting 69th      Zeppelin

World War II Bataan       [ Battle of Britain ]       Desert Fox
 Sahara      Raid on Rommel      Battle of El Alamein   Halls of Montezuma
 God is My Co-Pilot       [ Big Red One ]       Hell in the Aegean
 They Were Expendable      Battle of the Last Panzer     Heaven Knows Mr. Allison
 Tora Tora Tora      Midway      DDay the 6th of June       [ Train ]
  [ Bridge at Remagen ]      Battle of the Bulge     The Young Lions
 Saving Private Ryan      Band of Brothers      Devil's Brigade
  Attack      Windtalkers     [ Deep Water ]     Shores of Tripoli
 Fireball Forward      Breakthrough      [ The Great Escape ]
 Stalag 17      To End All Wars      Darby's Rangers    D-Day: 6th of June
  [ A Bridge Too Far ]      Conspiracy      Massacre in Rome
 Memphis Belle      Thin Red Line (2)      Sands of Iwo Jima
 Desert Rats      The Deep Six      Battle of Britain      [ Anzio ]
 Pearl Harbour      Dambusters      Mosquito Squadron   Between Heaven and Hell
 Tanks are Coming      Battleground      Hell in the Pacific   Wing and a Prayer
 Guns of Navarone      Hitler's SS     [ Kelly's Heroes ]       Five for Hell
 12 O'Clock High      When Trumpets Fade      Hart's War
 Tenko      The Hill      King Rat     War Lover     [ Gung Ho]
  [ The Eagle has Landed ]       Eye of the Needle      Caine Mutiny
 This is Guadalcanal      Guadalcanal Diary      Guadalcanal Odyssey
 Night of the Generals      King of Hearts      In Harm's Way
 The Fighting Sullivans      Air Force     [ The Dirty Dozen ]       Wake Island
 Flying Tigers      Flying Leathernecks      It Happened Here
 Battle of the Damned      It Happened Here      Run Silent Run Deep
 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence      Heroic Missions of WWII - NW Passage
  The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich     When Lions Roared     Come and See
 Battle Circus      Battlecry      Force of Arms     Steel Tempest
 Go For Broke      None but the Brave      [ Is Paris Burning? ]      Purple Hearts
 Force Ten From Navarone      Judgment at Nuremburg      Battle of the Last Panzer
 Sink the Bismarck     Battle of the River Plate (Graf Spee)   13 rue Madeleine

Submarines Hunt for Red October       Das Boot       U-571
 The Enemy Below      Destination Tokyo     [ Gray Lady Down ]
 Crimson Tide      Below       On the Beach (2)
 K-19      Torpedo Run      Up Periscope
 We Dive at Dawn
Eastern Front Enemy at the Gates      Stalingrad      Cross of Iron
 Ambush (Finland)      The Red & White      Ballad of a Soldier
 [ Winter War ]     Die Bruecke (The Bridge)  As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me

Korean War Retreat Hell      Pork Chop Hill      The Bridges at Tokori
 MASH     War Hunt
Vietnam  Platoon      Hamburger Hill      Missing in Action
 Vietnam - TV History      First Blood      Full Metal Jacket
  [ We Were Soldiers ]       Deerhunter       Bat 21
 Platoon Leader      The Green Berets      A Rumour of War
 84 Charlie Mopic      The Walking Dead       Bye Bye Vietnam
 Go Tell the Spartans      Flight of the Intruder       Anderson Platoon
 Casualties of War       Vietnam-TV History       [ UncommonValor ]
 The Killing Fields       Distant Thunder      Cease Fire     Vietnam - 10,000 Day War
 Vietnam - Cambodia and Laos - Peace      GI Songs and Stories from Vietnam
 The Siege of Firebase Gloria      Dear America - Letters Home      Good Morning Vietnam
 In Country      Vn - Year of the Pig      Platoon   Odd Angry Shot
 Heaven and Earth      Boys in Company C

Recent  [ Heartbreak Ridge ]       Courage Under Fire      [ The Beast ]
 Rules of Engagement       Blackhawk Down      [ Behind Enemy Lines ]
 No Man's Land       Tears of the Sun       Who Dares Wins
 The War      Delta Force    [ Bravo Two Zero ]
  [ Line in the Sand ]