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Words in the English language: When you click on the above link, all the answers 
What two words  have all five vowels in order?  "a, e, i, o, u" will be displayed on this right side column.
Which eight letter word has only one vowel? So either cover this side of your monitor screen
On a standard QWERTY keyboard, what is the longest word that uses only letters on the top line of alphabet letters of that keyboard? if you don't wish to see all the answers right away or else wait until you reach the end of all questions.
What is the longest word without a true vowel?
What 15 letter word has no repeating letters?
What is the source of the following English phrases?
The whole 9 yards (the title from the movie poster shown on main page)
Rule of thumb.
Goodnight, sleep tight.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Mind your P's and Q's
Wet your whistle
Other trivia:
What was the name of John Lennon's first girlfriend?
What is the source of over two-thirds of the world's eggplant?
What weighs more?  The world's population of humans or termites?
Sports Trivia:
How many cows are required to supply the hide for a year's supply of American football National Football League's footballs?
   An American football.
Who replaced Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Kenesaw Landis, in 1945, and then paved the way to integrate baseball?
Who was the first Negro/black Major League Baseball player?
How did the chocolate bar Baby Ruth get its name?
Which player is considered the Babe Ruth of Japan?
Which professional baseball player has hit more career home runs than either Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron?
Which player has won the most Grand Slam Men's Singles titles in tennis,  and how many titles has he won?
Which player has won the most Grand Slam Women's Singles titles in tennis,  and how many titles has she won?
Which Ivy League school won the first NCAA basketball championship in 1901? (NCAA stands for "National Collegiate Athletic Association")
Which school won both the NIT and NCAA basketball championships? And in which year? (NIT stands for "National Invitational Tournament")
Which school has won the most NCAA basketball titles, and how many?
Which year and in which city in the USA did four of its professional teams all reach the finals of their respective sports, i.e. baseball world series, basketball, american football, and ice hockey?
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These questions and answers are from many sources, including a Mr. F. Marshall of Wisconsin, USA, my friend Mr. D. Bergt of Texas, USA, various publications that I have read over many years, and my own knowledge.  I wish to thank Mr. Marshall and Mr. Bergt for their input.