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Life consists of different challenges -- mental, emotional, physical, and lifestyle -- more so after the World Trade Center incident on 11th September 2001. That incident will turn out to be a defining moment in our world and its people. Things will never be quite the same again.  This site will help you deal with and improve your response to these challenges.  No one said that life would be easy, but we could help make it better. 

We seek contributions from those who have faced these types of challenges and how they have overcome them. We hope that you find some things of interest to you. Please let us know any comments you might have.  Thanks for visiting this site.

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 What's New This Month?
   -   [ Special Images ] from the World Trade Center incident.  Some truly unique images, including one from Hong Kong, showing a special building called The Repulse Bay, built in the mid 1980's, and how it was designed to prevent airplane terrorist attacks.  Take a look by clicking on the [Special Images ] link above.
The WTC at dusk, a sight never to be seen again.
 Mental Challenges:

  -  Trivia- how many of these surprising facts do you know?  Tougher than you think.

   How many faces do you see in this picture?  Click to  Enlarge

  - Logic Problems - the best logic problems that I have encountered.  Makes you look at problems in unconventional ways. 

   - Nim - the game of Nim
   - Ten Matches - game

   - Twelve coins - hard problem
   - Bush - the key challenge here

 Emotional Challenges:

     Mona Lisa  - the most famous smile and beauty in the world of all time:  how it relates to seeing the world, beauty, and what makes the smile so enigmatic and alluring.

      Search  - find the ball test.  You might be surprised how this simple task relates to emotional challenges.


Physical Challenges:

   Dance Tennis Piano - An article showing the similarity between tennis, ballroom dance, and playing the piano - how developing one's physical skill in one field can be transferred to an unrelated field.

   Wing Chun  - An article on this martial art form written by a 20 year old disciple.  Skill in Wing Chun builds health, stamina, and most of all, confidence.

  The Baseball Series:  Our series on how to watch and enjoy a baseball game:

   - The Game - what's a baseball game?
   - Offense - winning a game
   - More Offense - more on offense
   - Defense - how to defend
   - Statistics - of the game
   - More on Stats
   - Conclusion - final words

 The Sumo Series:

  - Sumo - the sport of the big men, a six part series on how to watch and enjoy sumo


 Lifestyle Challenges:

    - Cruising- a unique perspective
     -  QE 2 - two weeks on the Queen
     - Review - one week on SS Norway
    - Toys- Buy these?
     - Fortune - by your animal year

    Communications - A series on developing one's communication skills

    -   Extemporaneous - speechmaking.
    -   Working the Room - social skills.
    -   On Writing  - clarity and less clutter.
   -  Speechmaking - preparing for a speech.
     -  English - usage at its best

    Good Quotes - makes you think.  The quotations here are selected not just for their insight, but also to demonstrate good and precise use of English.

     - Gov't, Power, & Politicians
     - General Subjects

     - Winston Churchill's
     - Quotes - from Sports world

 Jokes - Clean....or .....X-rated